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  • 21.07.23

How endometriosis impacts your mental health

Endometriosis can be a physically painful condition to live with, but it’s important to not overlook the emotional impact it has on the lives of so many women. As well as being a chronic condition that causes pain and discomfort, it can lead to depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. 

Considering the symptoms of endometriosis, it’s not surprising that so many women feel its impact on their overall well-being, and how it affects all aspects of their lives, from work to personal relationships. 

With the average diagnosis time being seven years, you may have suffered for a long time without a diagnosis or knowing how to properly manage your endo. You can experience all kinds of emotions upon diagnosis and it can be difficult to know where to turn if you’re not guided by the right practitioner. 

The Grace Private team of Specialist Women’s Health GPs, gynaecologists and allied health professionals are always here to help. We provide a holistic approach to help you manage your endo journey and have years of experience assisting women with endometriosis.

Here are some common ways endometriosis can impact your mental health: 

Feelings after an endo diagnosis

How you feel after an endometriosis diagnosis will depend on many things, including the severity of your condition, your level of discomfort, where you are in your life and the level of support you have to help you through your endo journey. 

3 ways your endometriosis could be impacting your mental health


It’s not easy living with endometriosis, and for some women, it can lead to depression. More than just a feeling of sadness, depression can involve lots of negative thoughts you can’t let go of, as well as tiredness, and a lack of motivation and you may stop enjoying things you usually love. 

Having depression can impact your work, your relationships and how you go about your daily life. But, while we know it’s not easy, there are things you can do to help. 

If you feel like you may be experiencing depression, there are people and resources available to improve how you feel. Speaking with a Grace psychologist who has experience dealing with mental health issues and supporting women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis. 

At Grace Private, our phycologists Karen White and Kerryn Blunt are compassionate and understand the challenges you face living with endometriosis and can help you navigate your endo journey. Request an appointment with a Grace Physiotherapist today.

stress and anxiety gold coast


Like with many health issues, a condition like endometriosis can make you feel like you have no control and lead to stress and anxiety. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the physical and emotional aspects of endometriosis. 

Thanks to the unpredictability of endometriosis, you may start to worry about your symptoms or when they will show up. This can lead to physical symptoms such as a racing heart, sweating and rapid breathing and impact many areas of your life. 

Having endometriosis can be stressful, but taking steps to manage your stress and anxiety can improve your overall well-being. Some things you can do to help manage stress and anxiety include: 

  • Practice mindfulness activities such as yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.
  • Practice self-care, ensuring you make time for yourself and the things you love. 
  • Find a doctor and gynaecologist who listens and understands your condition.
  • Confide in a psychologist who can give you strategies to deal with your anxiety. 

At Grace Private, we want you to live your best life and have a team of Specialist Women’s Health GPs and Gynaecologists who can help you face the challenges along your endo journey. 

Staying informed about your condition can also help reduce stress and anxiety. There are plenty of resources available, with Endometriosis Australia and Qendo two of the best places to visit. 


How you feel and think about your body can be impacted after an endometriosis diagnosis. When you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, fatigue, bloating and irregular periods you may start to think negatively about your body. 

It can feel hard to love your body when you feel like it’s not functioning as it should, but don’t let these feelings define you. Your body is strong and resilient and practising self-compassion can help you focus on improving your body image. 

Our Grace Private psychologists can help you navigate the complex emotional landscape that comes with an endometriosis diagnosis. Our team of compassionate psychologists is here to support you on your endo journey. 


As you are challenged by the physical and emotional aspects of endometriosis, you may feel like you are the only one experiencing the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. It can be difficult to talk about your symptoms with others because of the unfair stigma associated with menstruation and reproductive health. Thankfully, there are many endometriosis support groups to help you connect with other women with endometriosis and decrease your feelings of isolation. 

How can Grace Private help? 

Our Grace Private team of specialists and allied health professionals always take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and management of endometriosis. Your gynaecologist will work with a team of physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologists to help you manage your endometriosis and work to minimise its impact on your daily life. 

Endometriosis can impact both your physical and mental health, however at Grace Private we’re here to help and with the right care and support, minimise the impact and improve your quality of life. Contact the Grace Private team today to get the support you deserve! 


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