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At Grace, our dedicated women’s health physiotherapists take a caring, holistic approach to treating women with pelvic health and pregnancy concerns, managing and empowering women to help restore function and well-being.

Grace patient Rikki with Grace Physiotherapist Debra Miller

Conditions we treat

Pregnancy and Post Natal

Just as a car seat needs to be structurally sound to protect your baby, your body needs to be strong to carry your little one and support your overall health during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. This is where our Grace physiotherapists come in.

Our physio team treats all conditions related to pregnancy and afterwards including:

  • all aches and pains
  • six-week post natal check up
  • return to exercise and sport advice
  • pelvic floor concerns
  • abdominal muscle separation
  • bladder and bowel concerns
  • mastitis
Pelvic Floor Issues

With post graduate qualifications in this area, our physio team treats all pelvic floor concerns including;

  • incontinence
  • feelings of urgency and frequent
  • toilet visits
  • bowel concerns
  • prolapse management
  • advice and education before and after your gynaecological procedure
Pelvic Pain

When the pelvic floor muscles are overactive, causing pain and discomfort, our physio team can help with;

  • pain with intercourse or tampon use
  • abdominal or pelvic pain
  • period pain
  • bladder or bowel pain

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As part of our Grace family, all of our obstetric patients have the opportunity to join our Grace Mums and Bubs Club for latest updates, rewards and discounts.

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