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Complex & High Risk Pregnancy

While having a baby can be very exciting, not every pregnancy is straightforward.

At Grace, you can rest assured that all our obstetricians are highly experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies. What’s more, our very own Dr Adriana Olog is the only Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist on the Gold Coast who also offers pregnancy care right through to delivery.

If your obstetrician considers your pregnancy to be ‘complex’ or ‘high risk pregnancy‘, it means something poses a threat to you or your baby during pregnancy, birth or after delivery. If this is the case, you or your baby will need to be specially monitored and require special care to avoid complications.

Some women will be considered high risk from the beginning, while others may develop a condition during their pregnancy that puts them into the high risk category. Women with high risk pregnancies can face more challenges during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

There are a number of factors that place a woman in the high risk category for pregnancy, which include age, pre-existing conditions, and conditions developed during pregnancy.

At Grace, all our obstetricians specialise in complex and high risk pregnancy and can provide you with the specialised care you need during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


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