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What to expect

To help with your planning, below is a quick overview of the various appointments you will most likely attend at Grace over the next nine months. Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different, so you may have more appointments in addition to this general guide, depending on your individual circumstances.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We recommend booking your first appointment at Grace as soon as you find out you’re pregnant as our obstetricians get very busy. You will need a referral from your GP so remember to ‘ask for Grace’ when you visit your doctor.

If you have a particular obstetrician in mind, we will do our best to accommodate your request based on their availability.

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Your week-by-week journey with Grace

Week 9 - 10: Your first appointment

At your first appointment, your obstetrician will discuss your care, check your health and most likely do a bedside scan of your pregnancy.

You may even get to see your baby’s heart beating! Our team will go through the relevant fees, health insurance rebates and book in your upcoming appointments.

It’s also a good time to book an appointment with our dietitian now that you’re eating for two.

Week 10 -12: Nuchal Translucent Scan and/or Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) blood test

Based on your obstetrician’s referral, you will either have an ultrasound scan and/or a Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) which is a blood test at an outside provider to screen for any genetic abnormalities. This can provide reassurance or information on how best to manage your pregnancy.

Week 12 - 20: Monthly appointments at Grace

If everything is going well, you will have regular four-week appointments split between our Grace midwives and your obstetrician. Your health and your baby’s health will be checked at each appointment and any questions answered.

Week 21: Hospital booking and tours

It’s now time to complete the Gold Coast Private Maternity Ward online booking form, if you haven’t already. The hospital will then contact you to organise a tour of the maternity ward and discuss booking into the hospital’s antenatal classes.

Week 20 - 30: Monthly appointments

This is often a lovely time in pregnancy when morning sickness subsides and you start regaining your energy. That said, we still want to keep an eye on you and your growing baby.

These appointments will be a mix of reviews with your obstetrician and one of our Grace midwives. As always, additional appointments will be scheduled if your obstetrician has any concerns.

Week 30 - 36: Fortnightly appointments

As your baby’s arrival grows closer, your appointments will become more frequent, continuing as a mix of check-ups with your obstetrician and one of our Grace midwives.

Week 36: Midwife appointment

This is both a health check and an education session where you will discuss your birthing options, preferences and questions. You’ll also learn how to express and store colostrum before your baby is born to ensure you have a backup supply.

Week 36 - 40: Weekly appointments

With your baby’s pending arrival, your obstetrician and our midwives will see you every week.

Week 38 - 40: The big day!

Most babies are born during this time. If you go into labor, be sure to call and then present at the hospital’s maternity ward.

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As part of our Grace family, all of our obstetric patients have the opportunity to join our Grace Mums and Bubs Club for latest updates, rewards and discounts.

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