Why women freeze eggs
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  • 11.08.23

Why do women choose to freeze their eggs

It’s become increasingly common for women to choose to freeze their eggs and it’s a decision driven by various factors and motivations. Egg freezing has enabled women to take control of their reproductive futures and given us new freedom and peace of mind. 

At Grace Private, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your reproductive journey, offering comprehensive fertility services on the Gold Coast and personalised care to help you achieve your dream of building a family.

What is egg freezing?

It’s a way of storing unfertilised eggs and allows you to potentially fall pregnant in the future. They can be stored for years and used when you are ready to conceive. 

As a deeply personal choice, freezing your eggs gives you the autonomy to overcome various obstacles and unlock new possibilities. Let’s take a look at the reasons why many women choose to freeze their eggs. 

To preserve fertility: 

Preserving fertility is probably one of the most common reasons women choose to freeze their eggs. As women, we don’t all live to the same timeline and due to personal circumstances, career choices or finding the right partner, many women choose to freeze their eggs and allow them to conceive sometime in the future. 

Women are most fertile up to the age of 35 then egg quality declines. By freezing your eggs at a younger age you can increase your chances of falling pregnant when the time is right. 

For medical reasons:

Another significant motivator for women choosing to freeze their eggs is for medical reasons. There are various medical conditions and treatments that can impact your fertility and freezing your eggs may allow you to fall pregnant in the future. 

You may choose to freeze your eggs before cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation, allowing you to safeguard your reproductive potential and start a family once your health is in a stable condition. 

Autonomy and flexibility: 

Every woman’s journey is different and freezing your eggs allows you to take control of your reproductive journey. It gives you the ability to combat the pressures of society and decide when it’s the right time for you to have a baby. You can prioritise and embrace other aspects of your life, while having the peace of mind you can try for a baby when the time is right. 

Partner readiness:

If you’re still yet to find a partner or your partner isn’t ready to start a family, freezing your eggs can take away the pressure and give you more flexibility around planning a family. Your eggs will be there when you and your partner are ready. 

How much does freezing your eggs cost? 

The costs of freezing your eggs varies, depending on your personal circumstances and what’s required. At Grace, we partner with Monash IVF for fertility treatments and you can learn more about costs by visiting their website

Fertility at Grace Private

Our fertility specialists Dr Tina Fleming and Dr Tania Widmer have more than 20 years combined experience in fertility including IVF. They are the trusted fertility specialists on the Gold Coast and have helped many women realise their dreams of becoming mothers. 

If you’re interested in freezing your eggs, the first step is to book an initial consultation with one of our Gold Coast fertility specialists. They’ll be able to assess your overall health, review your medical history and conduct any initial fertility tests. After this, the Grace fertility team will walk you through the steps of freezing your eggs and safeguarding your reproductive future. 

To make an appointment with one of our fertility specialists, ask for ‘Grace’ at your next appointment with your GP. 

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