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  • 05.07.22

What to pack in your hospital bag – a new mum’s guide

Congratulations, you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy journey and getting ready for the birth of your little one! While it’s an exciting time, it’s often a little stressful as you prepare for some big changes in your life and are busy getting things ready for their arrival. 

One important item on your to-do-list is probably packing your hospital bag. In your third trimester it’s good to have a bag ready as you may need to go in sooner than you expected if you’re little one is set on making an early appearance. 

There are plenty of hospital bag checklists out there, so to reduce confusion our midwives compiled the following Grace hospital bag checklist. Your hospital bag can be broken down into three parts: for the birth suite, for yourself and for your baby. Keeping your baby’s belongings in a separate bag may make their belongings easier to access. 

Your ‘birth suite’ bag

No matter what type of birth you have planned, it’s essential that you arrive at the hospital with everything you need. Your birth suite bag should include everything you need for the birth of your baby. The essentials include: 

For you:

  • your birthing preferences (if you have any) and Medicare details 
  • music/headphones if you desire
  • tablet/book or something else to occupy time
  • oils, affirmations, extra pillows or other things you’d like to have around during the birth
  • a water bottle or sports drink with electrolytes. (Straws are great for labour)
  • snacks – whatever you like, this could include fruit, nuts, lollies or crackers
  • swimmers if you decide to labour in the shower or in the bath
  • a loose t-shirt or dress while you’re in labour
  • hair ties or clips to keep your hair out of your face
  • lip balm
  • water spray – good to cool you down after contractions.

Don’t forget supplies for your birthing partner, which could include: 

  • swimmers if water immersion is an option for you during labour 
  • drinks and snacks and change for the vending machine 
  • comfortable clothes and shoes as well as a spare set if needed
  • a mobile phone charger.

Your ‘after birth’ bag

After the birth of your baby you’ll be staying in hospital for 4 nights after a vaginal birth and 5 nights for a Caesarean Section, so it’s best to have enough things to last you and your baby for this time and sometimes a little extra.

For baby:

  • at least two zip onesies/sleepsuits and singlets per day
  • a few pairs of socks/mittens
  • one or two hats
  • muslin squares or burp cloths
  • baby blanket/swaddles
  • comforter 
  • an outfit for the trip home from the hospital.

Also check your infant car seat is installed in your car correctly, ready for the drive home.

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For you:

  • a change of clothes for after the birth – loose fitting and nursing friendly for comfort
  • loose, comfortable clothes, underwear and socks for the hospital
  • bath robe 
  • maternity pads
  • period underwear if you feel comfortable can be super helpful in the days after birth 
  • nursing bras
  • breast pads
  • nipple cream / Silverettes 
  • breastfeeding friendly pyjamas
  • extra snacks for those late nights feeding your baby
  • a notepad and pen in case you want to write anything down during your stay
  • thongs or slippers
  • toiletries – shower gel/hairbrush/toothbrush/deodorant/shampoo and conditioner/face cleanser/tinted moisturiser etc (low fragrance is best)
  • a plastic bag for dirty laundry
  • eye mask and ear plugs 
  • going home outfit. 

Here at Grace our experienced team of obstetricians, fertility specialists, women’s health GPS, midwives, nurses, sonographers and allied health professionals are here for you, from pre-conception and beyond. If you have any concerns or questions about the birth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Grace obstetrician or midwife. 

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