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  • 09.11.21

What is Maternal Fetal Medicine?

Have you heard of ‘Maternal Fetal Medicine’ and wondered what it is?

Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialists are obstetricians who specialise in taking care of women who are experiencing high-risk or complex pregnancies. They can manage complex fetal conditions, risks of preterm birth, abnormal genetic results and pregnancies in women with complex medical or genetic conditions.

How does an obstetrician become a MFM specialist?

To become a MFM specialist, an obstetrician has to complete up to five years of additional advanced fellowship training under other MFM specialists in teaching hospitals, with a major focus on complex/high-risk pregnancies and training in pregnancy ultrasound. One of Grace’s founding directors, Dr Adriana Olog, is a MFM specialist. At Grace Private, Dr Olog provides tertiary level pregnancy ultrasound diagnosis, fetal therapy and genetic counselling, as well as general management of low to high-risk pregnancies.

Why see a MFM specialist?

Every pregnancy is different and if you have a pre-existing medical condition, multiple babies or have experienced issues in previous pregnancies, you and your baby may be at risk of complications. A MFM specialist will help you manage your condition and care for your baby throughout every stage of your pregnancy. A MFM specialist will carefully monitor your pregnancy including the growth and development of your baby, providing additional testing like amniocentesis and fetal therapy if needed.

Can a MFM specialist look after low risk pregnancies too?

Yes. A MFM specialist is still a highly qualified obstetrician who can look after pregnancies across the spectrum, from low risk to high risk.  As one of Grace Private’s highly skilled obstetricians, Dr Adriana Olog looks after both high and low risk pregnancies, drawing on her MFM specialist skills as needed. As well as an experienced team of obstetricians, Grace offers a multidisciplinary team of doctors, midwives, nurses, ultrasound sonographers, physiotherapists, psychologists and dieticians to support you throughout your pregnancy.

If you’d like a Grace obstetrician by your side during your pregnancy, just remember to ‘Ask for Grace’ when you see your GP for a referral.

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