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  • 10.11.23

Rediscovering intimacy after childbirth

Childbirth brings about many changes to your body and your emotional well-being. It can also influence your intimate relationships, you could experience a shift in your sexual intimacy – which is completely normal. 

At Grace Private, our team of women’s health specialists understands the unique challenges you face during this transformative time in your life. To help you have a greater understanding, let’s explore some of the ways you can boost intimacy after childbirth. 

How to boost intimacy after childbirth

To rekindle intimacy with your partner, several essential factors should be taken into account. These include effective communication, self-awareness, prioritising self-care, and nurturing a deep understanding of your own body.


The key to rediscovering your intimacy is great communication. After childbirth, it’s important to have open and honest communication with one another about your feelings, fears and desires. When you share your emotions with your partner you will grow closer and foster a deeper connection and help each other with the changes that come with becoming parents. 

Understanding your body

As we’ve discussed in our blog article ‘5 ways your body changes after childbirth – what no one tells you‘, childbirth has a significant impact on your body. Understanding these changes can help you rebuild your confidence and rediscover intimacy with your partner. When you understand how your body is different, you can embrace these changes instead of being worried about them. 

While breastfeeding, experiencing pain and dryness during intercourse can be a challenging issue for many new mothers. The discomfort can be related to hormonal changes that occur during this postpartum period. We recommend speaking with your GP who can suggest ways to reduce or alleviate this discomfort.

At Grace Private, our expert postpartum care will help you take care of your body after childbirth. The Grace Private team includes highly trained Specialist Women’s Health GPs, physiotherapists and dietitians. We understand the unique needs of women, and our comprehensive services are tailored to assist you on your postpartum journey, ensuring that you receive the expert care and guidance you deserve.

self care

Practice self-care

When you’re not feeling good within yourself, it’s hard to embrace intimacy. Many mothers feel selfish taking time for themselves during this time, however, it’s so important to recharge both mentally and physically. Self-care can be simply enjoying a few moments of alone time with a cup of tea, a massage or relaxing in a warm bath. Taking time for yourself can help reduce stress and improve your overall well-being – opening the door to intimacy. 

Take your time

The most important thing to remember is to take your time. Intimacy doesn’t mean immediate sexual activity, it’s okay to take things slow and rediscover physical intimacy in your relationship in your own time. By focusing on your emotional closeness first, you can build a stronger and more intimate sexual relationship in the long term. 

Plan time together

Another way to rediscover your intimacy is to ensure you get time alone. With the demands of a new baby, relationships often take the back seat. Planning a date night, a weekend away or even just a quiet evening at home can allow you both to focus on one another and strengthen your intimate connection. 

Postpartum contraception

If you don’t plan on falling pregnant, postpartum contraception may need to be considered. To find the right contraception for you, we recommend speaking with one of our experienced Specialist Women’s Health GPs. They will take a personalised approach to finding you the right contraception.  

Professional help from Grace Private 

If you’re finding it difficult to navigate the emotional and physical aspects of developing intimacy on your own, we recommend seeking outside help and guidance. At Grace Private, our experienced Gold Coast psychologists Karen White and Kerryn Blunt can give you tailored support to help you overcome your challenges and rediscover your intimacy. 

For an appointment, contact our team at 07 5594 7632 or book an appointment online

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