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  • 01.06.21

Why choose an integrated women’s healthcare practice?

“We believe in the principle of bringing care to the woman, rather than the woman to the care, so our services encompass all the possible realms of women’s health, in one location.”

Dr Tina Fleming

As women, our healthcare needs are constantly changing. Throughout our lives we face different challenges and the care we require is continually evolving. We need to feel empowered and supported, no matter where we are in our health journey.

Grace Private was designed by women, for women, to provide the highest level of integrated healthcare for women, in a boutique environment. 

We take a holistic evidence-based approach to caring for the women all ages of the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, by providing all facets of specialist healthcare for women under one roof.

What is an integrated women’s healthcare practice?

An integrated women’s health practice brings together a range of women’s healthcare services in one location. 

At Grace Private, dedicated specialists and practitioners focus on treating the whole whole woman. Women of all ages can access highly skilled obstetricians, gynaecologists, fertility specialists, ultrasound services, physiotherapists, dietitians and psychologists as part of their health journey with Grace.

Get to know Grace Private

Grace founding directors – Dr Tina Fleming, Dr Tania Widmer and Dr Adriana Olog – designed Grace based on the high level of healthcare they would expect for themselves.  

“It’s about providing the highest quality of specialist care for women of all ages in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our collaborative approach and extensive team means we can treat and empower our patients to achieve the best possible outcomes based on their individual situation. 

We believe every woman deserves to live her best life.”

At Grace, our services include: 

  • Obstetrics including Maternal Fetal Medicine and care for high-risk pregnancies
  • Fertility treatments including IVF 
  • Gynaecology including minimally invasive and complex surgeries, endometriosis and PCOS
  • Gynaecological oncology – precancerous and cancerous
  • Tertiary level ultrasound, midwifery and nursing services
  • Endocrinology for all endocrine conditions including diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal and calcium disorders
  • Physiotherapy for women’s pelvic health, incontinence, pregnancy concerns and pain management
  •  Psychology for all women’s mental health needs from anxiety and depression to grief counselling and pain management
  • Dietetics for fertility support, weight and pain management, hormonal disturbances, gestational diabetes, endometriosis, PCOS and gastrointestinal health


Join the Grace family…

Most of our women’s health services require a referral, so remember to ‘ask for Grace’ when you next visit your GP. 

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