Elle Pidgeon

APAM, AHPRA, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (major Women’s Health and Continence), Bachelor of Biomedical and Exercise Science
APA Titled Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapist

As an APA titled women’s health and continence physiotherapist, Elle is passionate about helping women achieve optimal pelvic health, eliminate pelvic pain and reach their best wellbeing. Her areas of special interest include treating pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal and lumbopelvic conditions, bladder and bowel dysfunction and incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, pregnancy and postnatal care, and hernia management.

With a Doctor of Physiotherapy and bachelor’s degree in Biomedical and Exercise Science, Elle focuses on building a supportive and compassionate environment for patients that is collaborative, efficient and results-driven. She provides highly skilled evidence-based treatments, creating a holistic plan of action and long-term self-management strategies that are effective and tailored for each patient’s needs.

Special Interests
  • Pregnancy including pelvic floor care, back and pelvic girdle pain, abdominal separation and postnatal recovery
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Urinary and bowel symptoms including incontinence, bladder pain, and frequency and voiding dysfunction.

Longitudinal normative data for menstrual-related pain in young, nulliparous, healthy women. – A pilot study“, Curtin University, Australia.

Development of a multinational, multidisciplinary competency framework for physiotherapy training in pessary management: an E-Delphi study