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  • 27.01.23

5 useful New Year’s resolutions to keep in 2023

This month at Grace Private we’ve been comparing our New Year’s resolutions and we started to think about how many people actually keep their resolutions as the months pass by.

Unfortunately, many of the resolutions we make are either unrealistic or completely unattainable, so it seems sometimes we’re setting ourselves up for failure before we even start. 

As health care professionals and women’s wellbeing advocates, we believe there are a few New Year’s resolutions every woman should make and keep. 

Prioritise regular health checks

One easy New Year’s resolution to keep is to prioritise regular health checks with our Grace Specialist Women’s Health GPs

It’s important to keep on top of your health and book regular check-ups with your GP. Depending on your individual health, this could include blood tests, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels, skin checks, eye tests and sexual health checks. 

Cervical screening tests also need to be completed, every five years if your results are normal, more often if anything abnormal is found. 

Book your appointments in advance by calling (07) 5594 7632. 

Practice self-care

These days we’re forever being told the importance of self-care, and there’s a reason for this! Practicing self-care can have a big influence on your physical and mental wellbeing. It can reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness and help you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. 

Self-care can include anything from a relaxing walk down the beach, exercise or a massage or spa treatment. It could be as simple as making time to sip on a cup of tea when you wake up in the morning. 

Self-care can also include making time to visit one of our Gold Coast psychologists Karen White and Kerryn Blunt who can help you work through a variety of issues that may be affecting your mental health. 

We recommend scheduling self-care into your diary as you would a doctor’s appointment, this way you’re sure to follow through. 

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Dieting is high on the New Year’s resolution list for many people, however this type of goal isn’t always sustainable, or healthy. 

Instead, the team at Grace Private recommends setting the more general goal of eating a healthier, more balanced diet. Focus on eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce your intake of processed, fatty foods, foods high in sugar and alcohol. 

Need some help and direction? Sharnie Dwyer, our Grace Private dietitian takes a holistic approach to health and can recommend what you should and shouldn’t be eating. 

Develop a healthier sleep routine

A poor night’s sleep can be detrimental and cause many problems including poor concentration, mental health issues, reduced energy, mood swings, poor decision making and more. 

Developing a consistent sleep routine where you go to bed around the same time every night, and wake around the same time every morning, can help you feel more rested and improve your overall health. 

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Make time for exercise

This is another common resolution, however many people struggle to stick to it. We all know the benefits of exercise, but even if we start off strong in January, it may fall to the wayside during the year. 

We spoke to our experienced Gold Coast physiotherapists, Debra Miller to find out how to increase our chances of sticking to this resolution, here’s what she said:

  • Keep your goals realistic for you as an individual. Your fitness goals need to be achievable, if they’re not you’ll start to lack the motivation to continue. 
  • Schedule exercise into your calendar to ensure you can always make time during the day. 
  • Some people find it boring to exercise alone, so find a friend to exercise with or join a group sport.
  • Choose an exercise or sport you love, because even if you’re motivated at the beginning, if you don’t enjoy it you’ll find it difficult to continue. 
  • Always keep track of your progress as seeing results will give you added motivation. 

These are just five simple New Year’s resolutions which you should stick to. Each one will help you stay healthy both physically and emotionally. 

Remember, throughout your journey the Grace Private team of experienced health professionals are here to help, whether it’s to book an annual health check with our specialist Gold Coast GPs or to schedule an appointment with our Grace Private dietitian to take a more comprehensive look at what you eat. 

Contact us online today to make an appointment. 

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