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Pregnancy Scans

It’s always exciting to see your baby! From first baby pics to developmental growth scans, our tertiary level sonographers can look after all your ultrasound needs right here at Grace. All scans are thoroughly examined and reported on by our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, Dr Adriana Olog, ensuring you and your baby receive the highest level of care throughout your pregnancy.

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Grace baby 33 weeks

Common ultrasound appointments

Some of the pregnancy ultrasound scans and tests you may experience during your pregnancy include

  • Dating and Early Pregnancy Scans
  • Nuchal Translucency Scan (12 weeks)
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) 
  • Early Structural Scan (12-14 weeks)
  • Early Morphology Scan (16 weeks)
  • Morphology Ultrasound (18-22 weeks)
  • Growth Ultrasound’s (24-38 weeks)
  • 3D and 4D first baby pics
  • High risk pregnancy services including Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS) Amniocentesis and Fetal Therapy
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3D and 4D images straight to your phone

Using the latest technology, our pregnancy 3D and 4D ultrasounds are done onsite by our highly-skilled sonographers and reviewed by our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist.

These highly detailed images mean we can monitor the health and development of your baby in one location from early pregnancy to full term, all under the close supervision of your onsite obstetrician.

We can also send images straight to your smart phone to share with family and friends.

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As part of our Grace family, all of our obstetric patients have the opportunity to join our Grace Mums and Bubs Club for latest updates, rewards and discounts.

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