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Complex Pregnancy & Testing

While having a baby can be very exciting, not every pregnancy is straightforward.

At Grace, you can rest assured that all our obstetricians are highly experienced in managing complex pregnancies.

What’s more, our very own Dr Adriana Olog is the only Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist on the Gold Coast who also offers pregnancy care right through to delivery. Dr Olog leads our team in diagnostic testing and tertiary ultrasound for high risk pregnancies. She can perform early tests like Amnioscentisis and Chronic Villi Sampling (placenta biopsy) to help identify if you or your baby will require special care as well as in-womb procedures (known as Fetal Therapy) to assist with a variety of conditions before birth.

Ask for Grace

You will need a referral to make an appointment with one of our specialists so remember to ‘Ask for Grace’ when you see your GP.

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As part of our Grace family, all of our obstetric patients have the opportunity to join our Grace Mums and Bubs Club for latest updates, rewards and discounts.

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